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3 days

July 12th, 2021
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It took me 3 days to reverse engineering Shadow Shoot.

Awesome how good code make reverse engineering easier.

I now understand why they asked me to make ugly code on Android sensitive app ‘for security’

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Sega is the best

July 8th, 2021
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I get back to something I call Yoga4Dev : reverse engineering.

After TwinBee, I started to work on a new J2ME RE project : ShadowShoot by Sega.

And let me say I really like Sega dev team : code is clean!

Nothing compared to TwinBee by SinaMobile.

Of course, clean code means it’s easier to reverse but it also help a lot to learn ‘how to do’

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J2ME is the best

June 29th, 2021
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…when you start to develop on a retro system !

Why, because it’s really easy to get all the assets and, with a little much effort, the code (see for example).
So what ? The assets are often pixel art and midi, which made them the perfect choice to be used on a retro system !

For some months now, I focused my hack on J2ME and my first game is now fully reverse engineered.
More games will follow and I hope I’ll be able to port them on more than Android only !

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