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DIY Dev Kit – it’s alive!

April 22nd, 2018
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Buildroot is, like almost everything on Linux world, hard to understand for any  *nix newbie.

Hopefully some very useful slides exist on bootlin (ex Free electrons)

So, I now have a very basic distro with ssh enabled.

I’m about to finish ucon64 package so I ‘ll get my own dev kit ready this week.

Everdrive support will follow but propably later, after the test and tweak period.

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ReHello world

April 20th, 2018
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It’s been almost a year without genny stuff and half a year without anything at all.

After a very hard ‘virtual’ 2017, on Xmas, I decided to quit, because I was too emotionally affected by several past events.
I knew I was part of the problem but I had to clean my mind.

But, like a junkie, I’m back in town.
Don’t expect to see me on the main place, I’ll be where I’m the most enjoying retro dev : on the anonymous side.

I’ll probably use only this blog since there are no answer, no bully, no i-know-more-than-you
Just sharing for anyone interesting.

Oh, don’t worry. I won’t close SpritresMind, I just can’t 🙂

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