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Any algorithm can help you to develop a game

March 19th, 2011
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I found an interesting one last week : Painter’s algorithm

I don’t know if it won’t be an overkill for the genny (draw different tiles at the same position) but it could give you something like

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A link between Genny and Flash ?

March 6th, 2011
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My main job is RIA/Flex/Flash/Actionscript specialist….

I made some games prototype on Flash (and released some) but developping for Flash (oop/vector) is very different from developping for Genny (no-oop/bitmap)

Last week, I found a interesting framework for Flash : FlashPunk

FlashPunk is targeted towards games with 2D bitmap graphics, as opposed to vector graphics

So basically FlashPunk fixes one of the differences : vector vs bitmap
I could now develop retro-style games using PNG file…If my PNG files are converted 16colors bitmap , I would be able to use the same (base) source to port it to Genny !

I’ll try to adjust my coding to make the sourcecode port easy (using SGDK functions name for ex)

We’ll see in the coming weeks (months?) if I succeed
If yes, I’ll be able to make games for Genny and Android…so goooooooood !
And so motivation at its max and some money to help my research (electronic stuff…)

Megadrive | Posted by KanedaFr