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What Am I doing again ?!!

June 30th, 2021
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Because I was looking for the pixel clock value of the PV1000, for some reasons, I’m now currently tracing the schematics of the PV1000.

As always, I can’t accept a value coming from nowhere, I had to understand where it comes from.
I think I’m a little nut 😉

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Meet the PiBuiSen

June 29th, 2021
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The Casio PV-1000 is a very strange machine.

It looks like a blue Megadrive so I immediately fall in love for it.
After that, I tried to learn more about it and, well, what a shame : on sell for a few weeks only (too expensive, nothing compared to competitor, …), it’s another saint graal for some rich “gamers”.
Another system I like I won’t ever buy 😉

So what is inside ?
A good ol’ brown PCB made of wires and TTL chips -> the inside isn’t what the outside let me think 😉

3 NEC Chips : a Z80A clone, a VDP/APU all in one nobody knows about and a RAM

Good news, 2 emulators support it : MAME and ePV1000 by Takeda…with their source available online
Bad news, 13 games only were released, which doesn’t give us a lot of chance to explore the full capacities of the beast (ie they probably didn’t push it to the limits at start)

Ok, let’s make a emulator for it, I need to understand what is this !!

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Megadrive isn’t the only one

June 29th, 2021
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Like I already shared, Megadrive is no longer my main focus.
For several reasons (browse Twitter, Spritesmind or this WordPress), I take a rest.

I found several systems lacking of love from developers I’d like to work on.
Here are the few, by my priority order

  • Wonderswan
  • NeoGeo Pocket
  • SuperVision
  • PCEngine
  • PV-1000

More exists, it was already difficult to select only these ones (sorry P/ECE and Loopy !)

So don’t be surprised to read more posts on them from now !

NeoGeo Pocket, PCEngine, PV-1000, WonderSwan | Posted by KanedaFr