June 29th, 2021

I realized I’m currently active on 2 medium.

Twitter : retro news, wonderswan dev status, electronic, everyday life

Discord : wonderswan dev

And yes, no spritesmind forum, my life was too chaotic and my motivation lost 4 years ago.

But even with that, I have nowhere to really trace what I’m doing on development side.

Sharing a rom isn’t the same than sharing how you make this rom, most importantly the many failures you faced.

So I’ll try to give back to this WordPress its main goal : my dev log

No comment allowed : you want to read, go ahead. You want to laugh at me, get piss someone else. You have a question because you’re interested by what I do, Twitter is the way or find my email lost somewhere on spritesmind.

Let’s go!

Posted by KanedaFr

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