What’s wrong with CC65’s PCE ?

December 13th, 2017

While playing a little with CC65, I quickly saw a lot of problems on PCEngine target?

It’s not about the code itself, written in pure asm, since I doesn’t master the PCEngine yet but about some logic involved.


Compatibility between target

I understand why but trying to get the same code build the same way on some different target is a real problem.

We’re not talking about windows, macos, linux here…

We’re talking about NES, Apple2, embedded system, …

There are feature which are and will never be available on every target.

so while the ‘port CC65 lib’ to your target could be a great thing, it’s all depend on what ‘CC65 lib’ is!

And, for me, it’s too much.


We don’t care about this !

conio, tgi, disk, file ….it’s not what we want !

runtime, stdlib and some basic C functions are the bare minimum….and it’s perfect !

conio could be used but we don’t care about putting a char or a string on screen, we want to put tiles, with all their properties.

So perfect for a HelloWorld but no way for a game !


Drivers ?

Mouse and joystick are loaded like driver.

We’re not talking about a Personal Computer here, but a video game system, when optimization is the key.

So, a driver in memory, no thanks !

I want to read joy input every frame, from the gameloop



I pretty sure more problems will be spotted on the coming weeks but, for now, I need to take care of these ones.

Don’t get me wrong, CC65 is good, and the available PCEngine port (and so HuC6280’s instructions set support) is a great start.

But I think a dedicated PCEngine game port should be done.

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