DIY Dev Kit – prologue

July 25th, 2015

A lot of people know how much i’m sad so few homebrew games were released these last 15 years.

Of course, we saw some gems (Hello Spain!) but if you count how much (real) games were made, it’s not a lot while SGDK and SpritesMind are alive from some many years !

My goal was to help people to dev for Genny.
Let face it : it was a half failure because “help” included informations, community, tools and code.

Informations and forum are, I think, a success.

Tools, like I said took me a LOT of times and, apart KMod, were a help for perhaps 2 or 3 people.
I (recently) stopped trying to understand why you’re all trying to make your own tools, your own kit, your own ide, your own framework , if not your own compiler or assembler.
It’s not a total failure, because I’m very happy if I was helpful for these 2 or 3 homebrewers but was it the right way to help them ?

My demo/games Code is too old to be used and the few tutorials I made for SGDK were no longer usable 2 months later, after a major SGDK release.


Perhaps it was a mistake from side to say in the first place “He! Guys! make some great games, I’ll give you all you need !

But now, I’ll stop losing my times.
Tools are still available, still updated and still open source.
But forget about tools made as much as options or liberty so they can be used by anyone.
I’m updated them to suit MY needs.
You use them ? Great ! Continue ! and PM me if you ever find a bug.
You need a new feature ? Fork my tool, update it and ask for merge request….orĀ PM me and if I find it useful, perhaps, I’ll add it


So, what will I do now ?
Well, is it not clear enough ? Do what I was expecting other people to do : RELEASE GAMES !

To do so, I need a valid process to be sure my games work on real hardware and not emulators only.

And so, start my posts serie about making a networked dev kit using

  • a genny v1 w/o TMSS (the best one)
  • a Super Magic Drive
  • a thin client
  • an usb-to-serial adpater
  • Tiny core Linux
  • existing, updated or new open source softwares

…because help with as much informations as possible is a part of myself, mainly because I’m what I am now thanks to people who share what they know/found all other the net

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