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Megadrive Map Maker


► Presentation

Remember Ooga Booga! ?
I spent a LOT of time to design the level, using MapMaker, a 'for-everything' map editor.
MapMaker for Windows is perhaps the closest to Genny-need map editor.
I used it for several other stuff but it has a lot of problems, the major is its crashes who happen so often!

I so made MMM.
MMM is my second Windows software. My first was Bombjack GFXer.
I tell you that because this could explain some strange thing you could find using it :)

► Features

Import MapMaker file.
Use Bmp2Tile tiles.
Import any bmp as sprite model.
Handle Field B, Field A and Sprites.
Vertical or/and Horizontal tile flip.
Resizable map.
Zoom & Grid.
Starting Tile index.
BMP export (map, tiles or sprites).
Binary export.
SGCC and XGCC optimized export.
Create pseudo-map / group to make the editing easier.
Export a working Test rom (no sprite).
More to come....

► ChangeLog

0.3.4 - 14April05
!Fix! Some memory leaks
!New! Export ready to use data (pal, first tile and flip)
!New! Export Tiles and pal
!New! Export Horizontal or Vertical scripting
!New! Pal & First tile option on export too

0.3.3 - (unreleased - private use)
!Fix! Bug on properties (fieldA prop & fieldB prop invert)
!New! Handle flip in the map, not properties (easier to use on Genny side)
!New! Properties export optionnal


► Files

Remember, I made it but I'm not the guy who can have responsability if it crashes your PC, kill your cat or any bad stuff!

MMM 0.3.4 - 14Apr'05
MMM 0.3.2 - 18Aug'04
MMM 0.3.1 - 01Aug'04 !! bug warning: can't "SaveAs" !!
MMM 0.2.1 - 30May'04