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26 Nov 01


► Files

Ooga! Booga! - src
JNR 2.1 (BIN+src)
JNR 2.0 (BIN+src)
JNR 1.2 (BIN+src)
JNR 1.1 (BIN+src)
JNR 1.0 (BIN+src)
JNR 0.0 (BIN+src)


► Presentation

Ooga! Booga! is what you could call my first 'true' game.
I made it in 2001 for the Y2Kode competition ...and won it!!
Thanks to Ooga! Booga!, I'm now proud to be the owner of a Shinco DVD Player which emulates the Genny in hardware!

It was hard...Ooga! Booga! is the 3rd version of what you can find has 'jnr demo', an expiremental Jump'n'Run engine.
The last week, I spent a lot of times (too much!) to finish it and include the music code.

All the gfx come from the SpriteLib from Ari Feldman

The "unknown" things :
- I hide a "signature" in it..easy to find, I just wanted to include a Kaneda pic without to be disqualified (copyright issue)
- I was about to stop Genny dev...but with this "prize", i finally continue
- Sega released a Dreamcast game perhaps 2 months later called...Ooga Booga! I didn't know it!


► Dev point of view

Made with SGCC
Easy to understand for a beginner, I released the commented source some weeks later (have to clean a little the 'rush')
Unfortunatly, the music is a little harder and, hélàs, it DOESN'T work on real hardware (or emulators like Gens or Kega)
Grab the source, (try to) understand how it works but don't use it like it!


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