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Icons by neorelic

I didn't opened SpritesMind to earn money.
i only created the missing place where any Sega Homebrew developers could share and/or find useful information.
To achieve this goal, I often had to buy Sega stuff to disassemble or hardware to make some tests.

If you'd like to help, you can send me any Sega related items (see list below) or donate some bucks I could use to pay for these items myself.
SpritesMind community thanks you for anything you'll be able to do !


► Money help


► Hardware help

To find all the infos I share with you, I opened, broke or bought a lot of stuff.

If you have any hardware, working or not, that you don't want anymore, please considere to donate it.
I can even pay you at least the shipping cost if you want, just mail me.

I'm looking for, by "most needed" order :

  • ZIF socket
  • USB eeprom programmer (Willem, Top or TL866A/CS)
  • Mega Ever Drive
  • Asus EEE PC (train coding!), with FR AC adapter
  • Menacer
  • SMS Phaser
  • Nintendo Scope / Bazooka
  • Megadrive 1 (i'll never get enough of this model)
  • any game, working or not, to be sacrified
  • USB MIDI synthesizer (for beginner!) EU
  • American Laser GameGun (orange)
  • Joypad analogic XE1
  • Megadrive 2 EU
  • Genesis 3 (I'd die for the 'heart' version)
  • Sonic & Knuckle
  • Flux game
  • GameGenie
  • ActionReplay
  • Pro CDX
  • Megadrive 1 EU
  • Megadrive 1 JP
  • Genesis 1
  • Megadrive 2 JP
  • Genesis 2
  • Sega 32X EU
  • Sega Pico EU
  • Sega Pico JP
  • MegaCD 1 JP
  • MegaCD 2 JP
  • SegaCD 1 US
  • SegaCD 2 US
  • JVC XEye
  • WonderMega
  • EA multi player
  • MultiTap 1
  • MultiTap 2
  • Mouse EU
  • Mouse JP
  • Justifier 1P (blue)
  • Justifier 2P (pink)
  • Joypad 3 or 6 (any model, official or not!)
  • any spare video cable (rgb, rca, rf,...) for any model
  • any others hardware, official or not, working or not, related to Genesis/Megadrive/CD


► Hall of fame

Thanks to some of you, I was already able to :
  • buy very rare MD service manuals (thanks to foobat, MintyTheCat, notaz and others...)
  • buy a pink menacer
  • buy another SuperMagicDrive
  • pay a part of 2013 hosting (thanks kubilus)
  • pay a part of 2014 hosting
  • get a Mega Ever Drive (thanks Krikzz)
  • pay up to 2017 hosting (thanks matteus)
  • get a SMS phaser (thanks Arno)
  • pay up to 2018 hosting (thanks GeoffLedak)