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St0rm GCC


► Presentation

The 17Mar'99, David Sanchez released the source of his Genny emulator St0rm.
With his autorization, I modified it.
Then, with Windows 98, this DOS emulator was no longer needed, so I stopped too.


► Features

Made with totally free software (DJGPP, NASM, Allegro)
Run under DOS


► Files

Remember, I made it but I'm not the guy who can have responsability if it crashes your PC, kill your cat or any bad stuff!

St0rm GCC 0.1 - 16Mar'00
St0rm 0.01 - src
St0rm 0.0013


► Compatibility

Albert Odyssey Freeze when you pick a objet
Aeroblaster Some ugly cell
Airdriver Logo 'SEGA' unreadable. OK
Arcade classic Centipede crash
Arch Rivals OK
ATP World Championship Logo 'SEGA' unreadable. Don't recognize controler
Baby's day out Bug in DMA fill
Bart VS Space Mutant OK
Battle Masters Freeze after player selection
Battle Squadron Bug in DMA fill
Body Count Crash after title
Champion Pool OK
Championship PRO AM Freeze at equipment
Chaos Engine 2 Don't work
Chester Cheetah Don't work
Chuck Rock Don't work
Caesar Palace A lot of bugs!!!
Cal. 50 Like Aeroblaster
Columns Don't work
Combat Cars OK
Cool Spot OK
Crack Down Don't work
Crue Ball Don't work
Curse Bug in fields priority
Cyborg Justice Entrelaced bug
DAHNA Don't work!
Dark Castle OK
David Robinson Supreme Court OK
DevilCrush Don't work
Devilish Logo error. Ugly cells.
Double Dragon Don't work
ESWAT Logo 'SEGA' unreadable. Ugly intro.
Evan Holyfield Boxing OK
F1 Freeze when race!
Flicky OK
Flinstones Fred is invisible sometimes....
Forgotten World Don't work
Gaiares Don't work
Gain Ground Don't work
Ghouls and Ghosts OK
HardBall UGLY !!!!
Hardwired Crash
High Sea Don't work
Immortal UGLYY!!!!
It came from the desert Intro ok but crash when you fire....
Itchy & Scratchy Ugly cell
Jeopardy Fields positions pb.
King Salomon OK
Klax Seems to work but some block are invisible!
Lost World Freeze after Logo
Madden 97 Don't find pad.....
Mario Lemeux Don't find pad...
McDonaldLand Hard Crash
Miracle Piano OK (but no piano!!)
MsPacman Don't work
New Zealand Story OK
NHL 97 Don't work
Pacmania OK
Powerball Ugly cells
Puyo Puyo Don't work
Rainbow Island Game bug...
RoadRash 3 Don't work
Rockman X 3 Hacked Crash
Rolling Thunder 2 OK but ugly intro
Second Samurai Don't work
Shadow of the Beast Don't work
Shining Force Work until you move your player...
Snookers Don't work
Soccer OK
Splatter House Ugly cells and UP doesn't work
Street Smart Freeze after intro
SuperMonaco GP 2 Crash Hard
Super Volley Ball OK
Tetris Logo ugly but OK
ThunderForce 4 Don't work
TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96 Logo ugly but OK
Todd's aventure in Slimeworld Too much bug (logo, sprite...)
Tournament Golf A.Palmer Freeze when ball shooted
Toxic Crusader Crash
Trampoline Terror Ugly cell and crash
Truxton Raster
TwinHawk Raster
Ultimate Qix OK
Undead Line Freeze when you press Start
View Point UGGGGLY!!
Warlock Don't work
Warrior of Rome OK
Warsong / Der Langrisser Bad DMA Fill
Whiprush OK
Wimbledon Don't work
Wonderboy in Monsterworld OK but undraw window of equipment
WorldCup Don't work
WrestleWar Intrelace bug
Xenon 2 Don't work
Zombies Ate my neighbors Freeze after (C) : pad6 detection problem

Ahriboy's So GOOD!!! OK
Censor 1 Don't work
Censor 2 Don't work
Censor 3 Freeze on an ugly pic
Censor 4 Don't work
Col 3 _ Indian picture OK
Deboomer 1.0 OK
Eidolon' Inn Commercial #1 OK (COOOL)
FM Music Crash
Gymtest I'll test when sound
Happy Bug Day OK
Jump n Run 2.0 OK
Planes OK
Pong OK
Quadrant 0.04 OK
Scroll H OK
Segala OK
Test Map 2.0 OK
Zeedsoms OK

► Screenshots

Yes!! This is a screen shot of  'Bart VS Space mutant' one of the game wich run PERFECTLY!

Space Harrier 2.... you can see some problem in the bottom-left!! :)

Yes!!! Shining Force works!!! least the intro!! :))))
I have a Horizontal Scroll problem!! :)

BERKKKKK!! Well...this is Aeroblaster..
It's what you see when restart but game is playable...with '-wsync'