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Icons by neorelic

16 Feb 09


► Presentation

Hi you all.
Did I already thank you for the amazing work and knowledge you did ?
Did I already thank you for the new direction you gave to my life ?
I'm not kidding, you know. Since the first release of Game Museum (a french magazine, first published in ... 2002 I think), I've been (keen) on the Genny scene !
I already, AFAIR, said how pleasure it was for me to know you.
Anyway, way back ago, I told Kaneda I wanted to do a kind of R-Type. And code in ASM. Well ... one of these goals is reached ;)
Here's an old demo whom sole similarity with R-Type is a sprite. But, it show you some kind of ASM even if, as I read it today, it could be done much better.
Here's to you all.



► Dev point of view

Full ASM Code
ob1 added a lot of french ;)


► Files

Rtype with ASM src