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Old Skill 0.2 PDRC3 + src


► Presentation

14th January 2005, Kojote, webmaster of PDRoms, launched his PDRoms Coding Competition 3.
Every devers have to submit a 2D shooter.
This is my entry, with the help of TeT.

Perhaps, I'll release an update but don't wait for it!


► Dev point of view

Made with XGCC
With the doc of Uchuusen, I finally got a music on my game.
I finished GSS for it.
Again, good exercice for collision.
I'm pretty proud of the "more risk, more point" stuff, even if I was unable (time) to include a better use of it.

Far away from what I wanted to code at first, but TeT was on an important job.
So it's a tiny but working game.


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