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► Presentation

NM output to GensKMod's watchers file


► Features

Create a wch file from a binutils nm.exe output.
This file can then be loaded in Gens KMod to spy any defined vars in real time!

► Useage

First you need to be sure you have 'nm.exe' and 'sh.exe' in your GCC bin folder.
I personnaly use Mingw's one.

On your makefile, add

    nm -n -S -t x rom.bin >rom.nm
    nm2wch rom.nm rom.wch

nm and nm2wch must be available on your PATH.
sh is needed to use the '>file.ext' syntax.


► Files

nm2wch 0.1 - 14 Dec 07


► Thanks

Fonzie for giving the way to look for
ElBarto for giving the -Wi,-Map syntax to Fonzie ;)