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Megadrive Interactive DisAssembler


► Presentation

MIDA is the name of the IDC script file for DataRescue's IDA.
With it, you can easily disassemble Sega Genesis/Megadrive binary file

► Documentation

You'll need IDA Pro (with Motorola 68000 support)
Place the file dezipped on the IDC directory
On IDA directory, launch 'idag -a -p68000 -Smida.idc' (or open a file in 68000 binary mode then launch the script)
Et voilà!

► New in this version (v0.2)

Support for non standard header

► Screenshots

► Files

Remember, I made it but I'm not the guy who can have responsability if it crashes your PC, kill your cat or any bad stuff!

MIDA 0.2- 25Jun'05
MIDA 0.1- 12Nov'04