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Icons by neorelic


aka Bmp2Tile


► Presentation

WOW! Bmp2Tile !
I can't remerber when I started it....Let say 1998
Its main goal is to convert any 16 colors Bitmap file to Genny compatible tile.

► Features

Made with totally free software (DJGPP + Allegro)
Run under DOS or Windows DOSBox.
Select the exact part of the .bmp you want to convert
Export pal, tile, map in ASM or Binary
Export for field (horizontal order) or sprite (vertical order)
Export tiles in MapMaker / MMM tile format.
Can delete unused or duplicate.
CharlesMcDonald compression option.

► Files

Remember, I made it but I'm not the guy who can have responsability if it crashes your PC, kill your cat or any bad stuff!

B2T 6.1 - 17Nov'03
B2T 6.0 - 21Aug'03
B2T 5.2b - 27Jan'03
B2T 2.0 - 20Oct'99