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► 08 March 2008
After the flash tutorial, a step by step guide to use Stef's GenDevKit with Eclipse CDT

► 05 March 2008
Making some test with Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

► 18 February 2008
I added a Flash tutorial to use Stef's GenDevKit with Eclipse CDT

► 31 December 2007
I end this year with Gens KMod 0.7c, an update to 0.7b which handle structures

► 14 December 2007
Gens KMod 0.7b and nm2wch will help you to debug your demos/games

► 11 October 2007
AFMix 0.1 released (forgot it, sorry)
Gens KMod 0.7 source code is now freely available
Drop a message on the forum if you update/use it!

► 17 April 2007
MVSTracker Suite 0.1 released

► 11 April 2007
Added Tetman, a '05 entry for PDRC3.33
Kojote website got some problems, so I added it here
Warning, old and ugly game !

► 10 April 2007
MDPPY 0.1 released

► 23 February 2007
Gens KMod 0.7 released, 32X now supported

► 13 January 2007
Gens KMod 0.6 released

► 26 November 2006
Devega is dead for so long now...I thought about this for a long time so, here it comes : SpritesMind's forum!

► 15 August 2006
Put some tools as "discontinued".
They are not needed anymore or unuseful.

► 4 August 2006
I added video to my demos. Better than screenshots no ?

► 12 July 2006
15 days ago, a (stupid?) guy hacked my home page.
Not a very dangerous hack, more an exploit.
To find how he did, to avoid a new attack, I checked my logs.
I'm very surprised to see so many people come here!
The most downloaded tool is KMod so it seems I need to work on it.
I'll add a form to its page soon so you can give me feedback and needs easily.
See you soon and thanks to the 20 visitors per day!

► 30 May 2006
Shop is open...more to come soon

► 2 April 2006
More multi cart info

► 23 March 2006
Added XGCC
Added multi cart primilary description

► 11 March 2006
A large part of the website is redesigned...I hope you'll like it!

► 12 February 2006
New home!
More bandwidth, no ads!
Updated maccerX

► 5 December 2005
Some works on Homebrew dumper & flash cards
Kaneda's shop opening soon!

► 15 October 2005
Some works on the joypad 3 (more to come)

► 25 June 2005
MIDA 0.2 released

► 20 June 2005

► 10 June 2005
Gens KMod 0.5 released

► 23 April 2005
Added the source to Bastard, 6 years later ;)
Added some old demos (Fonzie gift)
Added my entry to PDRC3 : Old Skill

► 15 April 2005
New tool added : Genesis Sprite Studio 0.0.1

► 14 April 2005
MMM 0.3.4 released

► 13 April 2005
Added technical doc for newbies about the 3 buttons joypad

► 10 April 2005
I finally send my entry to PDRC 3.
Like for Ooga Booga, source code WILL be avalaible
The good news : I wrote a new tool and updated GensKMod & MMM to finish my 'game' ;)
See you soon for the TShirt and these new updates
Updated the Doc part with more data on HK backup unit

06 December 2004
Gens KMod 0.4 released with primilary MCD support and special development tools

12 November 2004
Added MIDA tool

05 November 2004
Gens KMod 0.3 released
Added the 'Help me' page

19 October 2004
Update the sprite collision doc

17 October 2004
Added my work on DPF and MCD hardware

12 October 2004
Added a doc about sprite collision for anyone interested in.

07 October 2004
Thanks to Fonzie!!!! you can now leave comments.
Please, do it! I need your feedback!
I'm so happy that I released Gens KMod 0.2

28 September 2004
Added docs part

08 September 2004
Added SGCC
Added Gens KMod

18 August 2004
MMM updated
you MUST download it if you have MMM0.3.1

07 August 2004
Site layout change
Easier way to nav..I hope...

01 August 2004
MMM updated

04 June 2004
Added a new tool : MMM who let you create Map.
This is the first public release...test it and give me some feedbacks!
Web artist wanted : I need 2 logos (the start page and the banner), an icon for MMM and the need stuff for this website (got bored from the grey!)

27 May 2004
Change the website layout to put Genny dev in front.

26 April 2004
Added a new tool : a Genny pal optimizer who let you see/adjust how your pic will be on the Genny.

21 April 2004
Finally, i change my EasyGameStation fan page in Jap PC games translation page

02 April 2004
Add a EasyGameStation fan page...give it a look, their games are REALLY fun
For the people who are asking "but does he still work on Genny?" this is my reply : a screenshoot of my Map maker

26 January 2004
Sega Japan, not like US or Eur, still have Genny info...Look the new link i just added!

25 January 2004
More DPF pics and info (more to come)

24 January 2004
Added a working version of the famous html! thanks to the guy who did it!
Added pics of my Double Pro Fighter on Genesis part...with its bug :( Please help me if you can!

9 December 2003
Added an old demo i forgot to upload
And..i just noticed i got +5000 visitors! THANKS YOU ALL!!!

17 November 2003
Bmp2Tile got a bug...i just found it, so i upload the new version (6.1) right now!

21 August 2003
New version of Bmp2Tile
- Rewritten a lot (and so optimized)
- Save Map
- Delete duplicate tiles
- Compress tiles
- Export MapMaker's TLE
- Sample included (gfx+src+doc)

04 July 2003
Update the site structure...It now uses PHP
Ugly ? Yeah...i'm still working on the gfx side :)
Oh..And i forgot to mention i updated Bmp2Tile

28 May 2003
Added an Specials Megadrive/Genesis DevKit page, starting with my 32X Psy Q

19 May 2003
Added an Arcade WIP
Added a lot of news pics in Specials

10 January 2003
Added a lot of news pics in Specials
Added Special Dreamcast

16 June 2002
Added news pics in Special Megadrive
Updated the demos part

11 March 2002
Added the inside view of the SMS-adaptator
Added some new pics in Special Megadrive
Added some new pics in Special Saturn Hardware : DON'T MISS THE HI SATURN!!!

26 October 2001
Update of the GYM(X) player

25 October 2001
Ooga! Full last!
My first HOWTO...more coming
Some pics
The best 68000 instruction set i know
Full source of a GYM(X)'re right...i'm currently working of music for Genny!!!
A lot of my files were deleted (?!), i reuploaded all

29 September 2001
I added a lot of pics on Saturn PsyQ dev kit, pirate games and a clone! Thanks to Shtree!
Also added Trzy Genesis infos, tools
Counter is ok

09 September 2001
I added the Amstrad GX4000, so i give you a GREAT info for this opening : the special feature activation key
Lot of great stuffs in Special (DD64, MegaPC, 4 Genesis Pirate Games and of course some others Saturn Kit)
: now, this item shows you the new thing since last update
My counter seems to be dead....:(( 1000 hits and explode ?

19 August 2001 i use Thumbs everywhere in specials...
I updated some pics...and add the link to Assembler page

18 August 2001
Update Saturn Special dev kit...

15 August 2001
Modified Specials, more Saturn dev stuff and some incredible Genesis Hardware!
Added some utilities for demos coding (see Genesis section)

05 August 2001
Added the Specials Section : lot of pics of uncommon hardware and games

30 July 2001
Happy birthday to my fiancée! :)
So...updated Genesis and NeoGeo tools...because the actuals bug on WinMe+

05 June 2001
Added the board.
Please use it :)

21 May 2001
I'm working hard on my new Genesis Project so no many update...
I finally uploaded the NeoGeo demos source, the commented source of Charles Doty's demo and the commented boot up sequence

11 Apr 2001
I won on y2kode....the Shinco DVD/VCD/MP3/Genny arrived last week : IT'S SO COOL!
Like i said to some friends, as i won, i'll work now exclusivly on Genesis, so
1/ NeoGeo dev is halted at this moment (see ArcadeDev for any infos)
2/ NeoGeo demos source code will be release, hope P.Lee update them and make a NGCC
3/ I have some Genesis Projects i can talk about but i think you'll love them :)
But be cool, if i got some news on NeoGeo, i'll put them here !
Ooga 2.1 will be release soon (i hope) correcting the PlanA/Window bug you perhaps even didn't see.
Thanks to P.Leeto point it and Charles MacDonald to explain it to me!
(you can't have a Window AND a Plane A, if you want the two, Window must be made of sprites)

16 Mar 2001
Paul Lee sent me a modified version of SGCC 3.0 so please redownload it
I added an old Genny Demo i found
Added the Neo Tech Info, read them to learn how to program your demos

14 Mar 2001
I added a NeoGeo demo which shows ANY Fix rom!