A game I've been working on

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A game I've been working on

Post by BroOfTheSun » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:42 pm

Find the rom here:
https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing

You play as a spaceship, shooting down enemy drones. The drones fire back. Shoot down the drones and gain points. Try to get a high score.

Up - moves ship in direction it is facing
Down - move in opposite direction that ship is facing
Left/Right - change direction of ship
A - fire a bomb
B - fire main gun
C - Change between alternate or linked fire for the main gun
Start - opens start menu. Also, use start to respawn if you die.

In the start menu:
DPad - select an item from the menu
Press start to save item selection and exit menu (you can change the gun you use, or change to a drone)
You can view your score from the start menu.

The start menu shows blinking icons that represent objects in the game. The white dot is the player, and red dots are other objects.

You play as the red spaceship. The game starts with a copy of your ship sitting idle to your right (for testing purposes). You can blow that up if you want.

The icon at the top left corner shows your Shields. Each hit takes off a shield. Lose your shields, and you blow up.

There is another area that you can reach from the first level. There is a warp gate directly to the right of the player's starting position. This takes you to a second area. The second area has another warp gate directly to the left of the player's starting position, which takes you back to the first area. Gates also appear in the start menu as red dots.

My background:
I am a new developer, and this is my project towards creating my first videogame. I'm using it to learn about game development and programming. I haven't programmed in C or assembly before this. All the code I've written for this game is in C, using SGDK to draw sprites, backgrounds, handle input, play music, etc. This is barely a videogame right now, and I plan to continue working on this to develop it into a full game. I wanted to post this to get some feedback. Performance is slow, and I'm working to optimize it. The warp animation is bugged and doesn't show correctly. I can fix these later, and have focused on adding more content to the game.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Post by bgvanbur » Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:28 pm

A very good start. The scrolling and sprites are real nice. As it is, it is really hard big ship with limited shooting directions to small ships.

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