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Re: DefleMask - A Multi-System Tracker

Post by Delek » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:37 am

New version with ARCADE configuration (YAMAHA YM2151 + SEGA PCM soundchips) was just released.



DefleMask 11 (@10/06/15):
- ARCADE (YM2151+SEGA PCM) support!
- .OPM instruments loader!
- More precise fine tune effect (E5xx)
- Added a Refresh button to the MIDI input menu to detect new connected devices.
- Fixed the position of the Edit Keys window on small screens
- Fixed a bug regarding to selecting from right to left (Thanks InversePhase)
- Fixed some bugs regarding to looping songs in an exported .vgm file.
- Now you can move instruments by using some fresh new arrow buttons!
- Now the volume changes are also delayed when a EDxx is setted on that row too
- Game Boy: More accurate volume of the WAVE channel.
- The DefleMask logo is back but on the right side and smaller than in previous versions. I missed it a lot!
- Lot of code cleaning and fixed some possible crashes.
- Manual Updated.


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