MDSDRV - new 68K sound driver for Mega Drive

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MDSDRV - new 68K sound driver for Mega Drive

Post by TheMVRules » Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:02 pm

Hello all,

I have developed a new sound driver for the Mega Drive. It runs on the 68000 (using the Z80 exclusively for PCM sample playback) and has the following features:

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    Runs on the 68000 with the Z80 controlling PCM playback.
    16 monophonic tracks that can be used for BGM or sound effects. Each track can be assigned to a channel with 4 levels of priority.
    Can use any combination of FM, PSG and PCM sound sources.
    FM3 special mode:
        Can assign each or a pair of FM3 operators to one or more separate tracks with volume control.
    PCM playback modes:
        2 channel PCM playback at ~17.5 kHz with volume control
    Compact sequence format
        Sound data can be compiled from MML files using ctrmml
    Various effects supported:
        PSG volume envelopes
        Pitch envelopes
        Fade in/out
        Song volume and tempo control
    Equal temperament scale with 256 steps per semitone, allowing for easy detune or pitch slide effects.
    Unencumbered source code
    Fully position-independent code - supports any assembler or toolchain by including the binary blob.
    Uses approximately 1 kb (1024 bytes) of RAM.
    Integration with SGDK
Currently the only way to make music for it is my fancy MML compiler, but if there is enough interest I will consider writing converters from other formats or perhaps even a native (LSDJ style) tracker allowing you to make music on a real system or emulator.

The sound driver is free software under the zlib license, and is available here:

The test ROMs are available in the "Releases" page. I have tested them using a Mega Everdrive Pro on a Japanese VA0 Model 1 and European VA6 Model 1 console.

Very interested
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Re: MDSDRV - new 68K sound driver for Mega Drive

Post by danibus » Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:33 pm

I have NO idea about music, just THANK YOU for developing this for scene :D

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