CDD Registers

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CDD Registers

Post by KanedaFr » Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:19 am

Reading for the 10 times the SoftDev manual, I realizead there were some CDD related registers.

what is exactly the spindle speed flag ?
I doubt it define the CD drive speed right ?

I thought it was some read only register but it seems you have control over the HOCK, which drive all the communication between the ASIC and the microcom....
and i don't understand the "wo : only during line status"

I don't understand if it's some kind of "debug" registers when you can log what is sent and received by the CDD or if you could write their your own command to CDD ?
It would be wonderful to be the latter because it would help us to understand the use of some not yet know CDD commands....
but I can't rely on emulation to validate it and my MCD is still died....

If you know some games which use the CDD related registers, I'll be very interested to check them

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