Runtime issues with built d32xr

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Runtime issues with built d32xr

Post by pw_32x » Tue Apr 18, 2023 1:30 am


This weekend I managed to build Chilly Willy's 32x toolkit (sega-toolchain-12.1.7z) and Victor's doom32xr. I built them on WSL on Ubuntu.

Running Doom32x, however, I get bad colors and a bad line table.


I've tried other 32x examples and they seem to work fine, so it seems it's an issue with the Doom32xr code.

Anybody seen this before?

The title screen is also bugged. I just get the fire effect with a blank background. The curious thing is that I only have to hit start and I start E1M1. There doesn't seem to be any asking of difficulty level or episode. It just jumps into it.

I was thinking I had extracted doom32.wad incorrectly but I can't find information to confirm either way. I've used dd to extract everything past 0xbb000 from the 32x rom and I've got a doom32x.wad of 2,379,776 bytes.

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Re: Runtime issues with built d32xr

Post by Vic » Wed Apr 19, 2023 4:25 pm

You should use WAD file from the D32XR ROM, the one from JagDoom isn't guaranteed to work at all.

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