CSOUND and YM2612

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CSOUND and YM2612

Post by levicole » Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:10 pm

First off, I apologize if this is not the correct board for this...

Let me start off by describing a project for a class I'm currently taking. I'm wanting to emulate a YM2612 on iOS and I've got two routes I can take, and I'm looking for advice. I basically want to build a VST as an iOS app. Plug in a midi keyboard to my iPhone and play some beautiful FM sounds. My knowledge of DSP and writing emulation software is incredibly limited, but I do know a little CSOUND. Here are my current options:

1) Build patches in csound, and compile csound on iOS.
2) Level up my C chops and actually do the emulation.

There is a 3rd option, build a first version in something I know, while building a second version with the knowledge I gain perusing these boards, and learning more about emulation and DSP.

My current progress on option 1 is converting the rates in the EG to ms. I'm not finished with the script, but I'd like to also post that and get feedback if that's something that is allowed. :)

Judging by the community of folks on here, you all seem like really amazing people, and I'd really love to learn as much as I can from all of you.

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