GENESology (or MDology?, depending)

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GENESology (or MDology?, depending)

Post by neologix » Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:15 pm

The SNES-style music remix community SNESology recently had a regime change and the new community manager asked if I was interested in leading a Genesis-style music offshoot, tentatively called "GENESology" (or MDology for non-Americans?). For now, I've accepted, and would very much like more experienced YM2612-ers such as those here to join and contribute music.

SNESology began after Sam Ascher-Weiss (aka Shnabubula) released the album of the same name, and I'd very much like to start with something similar. Would anyone here be willing to contribute to such an album to get things started? Also, what would be the preference, GENESology, MDology, or something else entirely?

Very interested
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Post by kubilus1 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:43 pm

I like GENESology, not just because I'm from the US, but I think it sounds better. Perhaps SEGAology to make everyone happy?

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Post by sigMate » Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:57 pm

I like GENESology too even though I was not used to the US name. It always has been Megadrive for me but GENESology just sounds right and cool.

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