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Mega Swirl

Post by Zontar » Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:08 am

I've advertised this in my signature but this is an excellent place to do so as well.


Contributors of all backgrounds (coders, artists, and musicians) are welcome to contribute to Mega Swirl, my current MD game project. Mega Swirl is a puzzle game inspired by and designed after the Dreamcast classic "Sega Swirl", where you match combinations of two or more game pieces ("swirls") on a game board to score points.

I am intending for this game to go beyond the typical MD homebrew by incorporating various exciting features that the Mega Everdrive hardware makes possible! Among the ideas planned for the game:
  • Dynamically-loaded game assets accessible from your SD card. Without recompiling the ROM, Mega Swirl will allow you to change the look and feel of the game by selecting various packages of assets. Change the backgrounds used on the game boards, the music played within the game, or the appearance of the swirls, or change all at once by selecting thematic Asset Packs!
  • For background music, play either custom VGM music, or full WAV files! (WAV will not work on Sega Nomad for technical reasons)
  • Play Head to Head, where two players compete against each other to create the largest combos and create the highest score. Head to Head play can be against a second player in your living room, or using a Mega Everdrive with a debug USB port connected to your desktop, against other online players!
  • Compete worldwide for the highest score in singleplayer by submitting your high score to the Mega Swirl online record!
This project is built using SGDK and kubilus's Linux toolchain. With little modification, it should also build on SGDK for Windows. A regularly updated list of tasks is available here. Simply submit a pull request on Github for proposed enhancements or fixes.

Artists may contact me via PM. Willing to buy commissions.

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