mk1 hack...

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mk1 hack...

Post by mk1fan » Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:38 am

i need help

i have sega genesis mk1 reptile hack

this have a bug the goro lives screen never appear on the hack

here a screen cap from the original rom

what i see simple playing the hack:

the game auto reset after the first gameplay demo ... so this screen never appears

i am not hacker i am simple beta tester
i did a test loads a savegame from original rom on the hack .... i think the goro lives screen is pre-seted on the moment of first fight demo ... the goro lives screen wasn´t removed it self from the hack..... i think the problem on the hack game over screen after the fight demos which auto-reset the rom
i think the solution is restore the original configuration of fight demos
but i am not a hacker ....i need someone to fix that to me

the author is totally absent
the author gave me the authorization give it out to someone will helps me (via pm only)

please can someone help me ? for god sake


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