Seeking gens_r57shell_mod_r665 source source

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Seeking gens_r57shell_mod_r665 source source

Post by gamef2 » Sat Mar 04, 2023 4:06 am

I started the development of megadrive assembly for more than ten days, and now except for the audio part (smps, vga, echo, xm is very strange), everything else (including 68000) is written, and I am writing a wizard test.
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My foundation, c++17, sdl2 and win32 programming, including writing, Huffman tree decompress,ray tracing, gravity sensing, basic linear algebra special effects, modifying vim source code

The above is the basic information

I got the official audio driver documentation, but haven't read it in detail yet,

The cpu interpretation set, remember that the debug mode is to force a custom value to be written in the assembly after loading, and intercept this abnormal jump. Multiple queues are stored. run out restore
Guess the idea of ​​​​the debugging tool, and prepare yourself to write an md-specific one at that time.

Does gens_r57shell_mod_r665 have open source, I want to add conditional interrupt
Similar to fceux

Example (dn==#$value)
or if (address==#$value)

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