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C relative header files vs resource files

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:27 pm
by Munkyears
Hi guys!

Just a generic question relating SGDK & C language.

Does SGDK use resource files & headers specifically through choice in order to compile in the right output or because of C language standards??

Relating to my other thread


I seem to have an issue where Code::Blocks doesnt know how to deal with my file path structure correctly & after rescomp'ing my resource files causes strange errors

Is it possible I could just externally link them with a manually written header file rather than using a .res file as a go between?

My laymen mind is figuring it works in the following process:#
Main.c compiles
Follows resource files & processes them via rescomp.exe
Outputs a headerfile?
Follows calls to header files and looks for definitions of external files?

Could we not bypass the whole resource file & call an external file via a header or even just call it through main.c?

Many thanks!