Hardware and Software Developers Needed for Project

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Re: Hardware and Software Developers Needed for Project

Post by jtn0514 » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:19 pm

When the time comes, yes we will need testers. Currently as it sits, my own prototype proof of concept works but we are only just in the initial stages of talking about re-working the hardware right now. Hopefully this keeps moving along and is pushed into a full fledged newer prototype or even better yet a finalized verison that is much improved and more efficient.

I dont know how long this will take to complete but with myself and atleast two others interested, im hoping this can start moving along and progress can be made very soon.

I dont know that there will be any profile or match making like the xband yet as it is too early to say but, we are working at first to get the main part working which is the networked gameplay.

We will post when more information is available however.

Hats off to those that have volunteered to work on this project, hopefully we can bring something fun to the megadrive that can be enjoyed for a long while.

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