Hello you all

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Hello you all

Post by Top l'âne » Mon May 09, 2022 12:47 pm

Activated account. Nice. :D

I spread a few words right here to introduce myself. (Didn't find a dedicated sub forum)

I've become a big MegaDrive fan for the past 10 years.
I found my brother's genuine MD2 model in 2013 and started collecting a few games.
I heard soon after of a game called Pier Solar and was stunned to discover a productive scene on a retro system.
I bought the 2015's release and decided to jump in Genesis dev.

I had no knowledge in prog in any way.

I started learning C. My sixth sense told me this honorable langage could be useful.
As an amazing piece of luck I discovered SGDK a few time later. :mrgreen:

I produced a small bunch of playable demos during one or two years and started another project of a complete game, a shmup.
A team work with a friend of mine.

I got a few complicated years then. The project aborted. And I never coded anymore.
Complicated years!?
Not only, cause I met the girl who's gonna become my wife in a couple of weeks. :oops:

My life has become much more steady and when I realised the past month I had backed the third Kickstarter project in a four months (Cursed Knight, Astebros & Affinity of sorrow, by the way), I decided to jump back in Genesis dev.

I spent the last three weeks re-learning C and compilating a few SGDK exercises such as tiles display, sprite controlling and plan scroll, enjoying VGM and BMP files creation with side tools.

To perform a complete game remains a vast goal.
I'll try to but demos could be a much more realistic aim. I think of 80's micro style demos (I owned an Atari St when I was younger... everything is said^^) as well as interactive demos, for instance.

To do so I need to collect many more informations and I thought this forum could be obviously helpul.

To conclude, I'll add an:

"Hello World!"

Top l'âne

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