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► Bootleg SMS games cartdrige

It's mainly the mutigames cart when you start with a select screen
The most known is the MD 16in1
Basically, the main engine load the game in the Z80 RAM then reset the Genny in SMS/Z80 mode
You need to reset to select another game.

More to come...


► Examples

Unless notes, these are Genesis games I personally own

Number Description


PEEL18CV8P Flash CMOS 18 input
glue chip ROM with the 16 SMS games (?)  

Note: SMS games

Connected pins:
B4/5/6 : Address 9/10/18
B8/9/10/11 : Address 20/21/22/23
B17 : !CE
B28: !Lower Byte Write
B30: Reset (connected to cart in)
B32: Cart in
A*: Adress / Data / +5V / Gnd