Megadrive ROM dumper

2005.03.04 English translation (well...something like..) by Kaneda
2002.05.25 Last modified (schematic and correction)

This project allows you to dump data from a Megadrive/Genesis cartridge.
I was watching "Dark Crystal" DVD when suddenly wanted to play "Shining in the darkness".
successfully find the game but not the Megadrive itself.
I'll have to use an emulator. Since I have the original cartridge, it's not a problem to dump it, no?
I took the cartridge apart and foud the masked ROM, no 'remainder reflection' (?).
I verified it on the Net.
I also found the cartdrige port pinout.
So I made the connector and started the project.
Addition : Since this time, I found the Megadrive ^_^

Warning! When you have a dump, you MUST still have the original cartdrige! To only have the dump is illegal.

Because I use a notebook (TP560E), I used its PS/2 port for power source.
(You can use anything you want)
To simplify, I used a direct connection to the parallel port.
Circuit constitution : a 74HC4020 for address counter and reading of Low and High Byte into a buffer, all of this controled by a decoder.
Very easy!
/STROB,/AUTOFEED,/INIT,/SELECTIN are connected to the decoder for Counter reset, Counter increment, Low or High byte select.

See the schematic here and the components list here

Forget the book, it is not needed!

I didn't find a 64pin Edge connector so I cut the unneeded pin.
Connector pinch is 2.54mm

The software was compiled with LSI C-86 Ver 3.30.
Source available here. Source is provided as is, with no warranty nor comments.
It's short but it must works.
(Please note the parallel port address are hard-coded on the source code!!)

Also note there is 4 DIP-SW for ??? (future use ? just in case ? test ?)
Also note the power source coming from the PS/2 port of the notebook.. It's not possible to know if the notebook break.(???)
Forget the book, it is not needed!

About the emulator, you won't find it here, don't ask by mail or throught the forums, I won't answer.

I tried several cartridges dump models, like those which load a lot the coprocessor.

About the SRAM backup memory, I was unable to dump it.
If you dump more than needed, you should be able to dump it. However, it takes time to figure how.
(The address counter only go up, so it seems impossible)

????, the operation was verified with Shining in the Darkness and Landstalker.(These two works, it must be enought)

After dumping, think to power off your PC because removing the cartridge. Risk of damage.

I used BSch from Okado's ??? to draw schematic.

If you use this information, it's your own responsability.
I can't be charging for any damage.