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Gens KMod


► Presentation

This is my mod for Gens.
I used a lot Genecyst for its cool features but its compatibility is far to be 100%.
So when I find Gens source code, I thought it could be cool to add the Genecyst feature to it...and add some others :)
This mod is developper oriented, not player optimized.
It means you don't have to download it if you "only" want to play.
Since 0.7b, you can use nm2wch to help you debugging your own game!

► Features

At this time, it can easily be compiled without my mod, and so come back to Gens 2.12a
Some Gens bugs corrected
All debug screens are now external (and optmized) windows.
Dump Ram, VRam, CRam, Tiles, Sprites, YM2612, Genesis ROM, SegaCD ROM, 32X Rom/Ram/Cache/Framebuffers
Better registers status view.
Better tiles and pal view.
Sprite list view.
Planes view.
YM2612 debug.
PSG debug.
Layers show/hide.
Watchers (save / load / autoload) for hackers and developers.
Spy common development errors (bad registers value, sprite limit, read/write)
Spy DMA (useful for translators/hackers)
Spy CD Bios call
'Blue pause' optionnel
Add 3 new registers to help development
GDB Server
GMV support

► New in version v0.7.3

Lot of bugs fixes and optimization
Ctrl+Alt+L support
single instance mode
WinXP support

► Screenshots


Gens KMod menu

m68K disasm/status

z80 disasm/status






Layers switch


Debug options

KMod's files

Plane explorer


► Files

Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.7.3 - 08 Dec 15 (source code now on BitBucket)
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.7.2 - 12 Feb 14
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.7c - 31 Dec 07
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.7b
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.7 (source code available here)
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.6
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.5
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.4
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.3
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.2
Gens_KMod 2.12a 0.1

► Thanks

Stef for Gens
Graz for his wonderful works on 0.7.2
Dr.MefistO for some bugs fixes
Fonzie for private test and so much other things!
Edge for PSG window
Fuzzbuzz for layers hint
People from SpritesMind forum
People from the Sega Emulation Forum
My wife to accept alllllll the hours I spend on KMod