Java games for PS3 + PS4 + XB1

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Java games for PS3 + PS4 + XB1

Post by MisthaLu » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:44 am

Did you know you can code a game with Java, and run it on PlayStation 3 + PlayStation 4 + Xbox One from the very same disc?

This is because all those consoles feature a blu-ray drive, and all blu-ray players run Java as part of the blu-ray specification.

It is obviously a limited platform, in several aspects. Don't expect to be able to code fullblown 3D shooters with it. But it will do fine for the average retro-styled game that we see on so many other platforms already.

See for two homebrew examples.

Blu-ray Java games are also used on commercial movies sometimes.
The movie "Bolt" has "Bolt's Be-Awesome Mission" -
The movie "Ratatouille" has "Gusteau's Gormet Game" -
The movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" has "Liar's Game"

Even some standalone Blu-ray Java games has been released.
And who doesn't know "Dragon's Lair"? -
And "Space Ace" -

I also used Blu-ray Java to create a diskmag-like eBook about the good old 8-bit days:

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