Sonic And the Mystic Gems (Demo)

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Sonic And the Mystic Gems (Demo)

Post by FireRat » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:41 pm


The following is an experimental Sonic the hedgehog demo game, and likely the last romhack project we develop as Harder Project.
Current demo features 6 levels in total and 6 special stages from level select. Our levels are more based on exploration; find the exit of the maze, find the Mystic Gems, all using each character's unique abilities.

Any comments upon our project will affect a new update with more content, which is coming very soon!!


  • Dj Joker27 - Music
  • EMK-20219 - Project Leader, Music, Pixel art
  • Esrael Neto - Sound driver fixes
  • Estlib - Pixel art, Game plan
  • FireRat - Lead Programming
  • FraGag - Tutorials
  • GenesisFan64 - Programming
  • HPZMan - New sound driver instruments and the dynamic tile-set system
  • Irixion - Testing
  • Kenny0989 - Music
  • MarkeyJester - Programming
  • Master3k - Sending and fixing some music
  • Mighty Arnold - Testing, Level reviewing
  • Nineko - Sound tools
  • Prilix Bõkun - Testing
  • PsychoSk8r - Tutorials
  • SCAA - Pixel art
  • Selbi - Programming and improvements
  • SonicVaan - Testing
  • Tweaker - Information regarding music importing, bug fixes and the speedcap removal
  • ValleyBell - Sound tools

MD ROM download ... G.bin?dl=1


Chilly Willy
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Re: Sonic And the Mystic Gems (Demo)

Post by Chilly Willy » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:52 pm

Very nice! I like how you play a different character each act. Really mixes things up. Nice level design, too.

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