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Papi Commando Tennis - SgdK

Post by Vetea » Sat May 06, 2017 4:48 pm


Hi all,

As I can create a Thread, here is this project that I talked about on another topic, Papi commando.

As you may know, I'm an independent developer, who has a full-time job.
Maybe you enjoy (or not !! :p ) to my previous productions (Papi commando WM and Bomb on Basic City SD)

After finishing my last game, Bomb On Basic City, I wanted to change style ...
I've always liked sports games on console, especially tennis games! So, I figured, why not on Megadrive ! :D

In homebrew, sports games are rather rare or even inextent!

Started 6 months ago, I realized a first demo that I then shared.

In this regard, a playable demo has been widely distributed on the WEB!
You can train against a Training Robot or play against a player controlled by an AI, "The Doc"!

ROM : ... Tennis.bin

(This Demo has been built with BasiEgaXorz !)

Graphically, we were very close to my old productions ...
I wanted to change completely style, for a more realistic rendering and above all, change DevKit.

So I turned to SgdK, fabulous devkit that allows more possibilities than Bex. Much more complete!

(As a reminder, SgdK allows to program in C, BEX in Basic.)

From then on, I really exploited the graphics capabilities of the console thanks to the internal tools of SgdK!
This was the beginning of a new adventure !

New animations, a very detailed tennis court, a lively audience, etc ...

What I want to do is a mix between Simulation and arcade!
As I work alone to do everything (Code, Artwork, sound, music) I do with my technical level and above all, realism for not doing anything.

I can't use the prestigious tournament name like Roland Garros, or use the known player name ... So I'll use the world I created before, Basic City, C ++, Javascribouilles and new unreleased characters To include them in the project!
I will try to create 10-20 original players as well as a prestigious tournament, the Basic City Tournament!
As well as other small tournaments.
Also, a 2-player mode will be provided.
Also the ability to have players with their own characteristics (Power, endurance, speed, ...) and be able to improve their player with experience.

I will not use the support of the Kickstarer ... Because I do not have the use!
As I take care of myself and the tools I use are free, no interest.
And then I do not like this support there even though it understands its usefulness for many independent developers or studio.

To conclude, here is a video showing all the work that has been done to date.

And the Latest video WIP 6 May 2017 !

Thanks again for your messages and support!
I'll soon get you to next news.


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Re: Papi Commando Tennis - SgdK

Post by themrcul » Sun May 07, 2017 12:26 pm

Hi Vetea,
Congratulations on getting as far as you have. I watched the video and was genuinely impressed with how good the game looks and runs!

I am also working on a SGDK project, and it will have sports in it as well, (although I don't know about tennis at this point - perhaps? Maybe other sports), so great minds think alike!

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Re: Papi Commando Tennis - SgdK

Post by Staffan » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:37 am

This looks extremly cool. :) Hope to se a finished product!

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