Sega Documentation Release

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Sega Documentation Release

Post by Teancum » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:47 am

So I joined Spritesmind just to post this since I figured the most interest was to be had here. I've been lurking for a while and can't really say that I'm an expert on programming or anything. If this is posted in the wrong spot feel free to just move it. I do hope to have some time to learn this summer and put all this equipment and docs to good use, but any way on to the project at hand.

Developer's Conservation Project (Tentative name feel free to suggest other names I'm all ears)
So this was an idea I had when I purchased this Sega lot. Was to find the docuementation and software that Developers have used in the past and try to keep them all in one bundle. It would be nice to be able to have all the dev stuff that is around and to be able to keep track of it (at least the stuff that is shared publicly).

Ok so as many of you may know I purchased a Sega CD Devkit lot a little while back with a whole ton of documentation. My plan is to release everything I've purchased as a part of this project. (still working out details would love some input on this) I don't want to release just a bunch of scattered scans though. I want to clean them up, OCR the text, and in general make them so they aren't painful to read. Here's where the fun part comes in though. I'm brand new to things like this. I've learned a ton about Photoshop in the past few days, but know that I still have tons to learn. So I wanted to release this first manual that I've scanned and cleaned up. It's the SNASM-CD Installation Manual v1.0. I scanned it inat 600 DPI. I've cleaned up the dirt and hole punch marks. I've also tried my best to straighten them out. There were a few pages that looked really bad and still do. Apendix A or page 13 in the PDF. is a little wavy. Not sure what the best way to fix that besides manually straigtening out each letter, or redoing the page (OCR the text and then reinsert the page)

So I'm looking for feedback on how I can improve or if it needs to be improved. I would like to keep this thread on that topic and will start a new thread for the project it's self when I get all the details figured out. Thanks

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Post by tristanseifert » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:42 pm

Very nice!

I've been looking forward to you getting started on this, but what you've done is a very great job. Interesting find on all the documentation you have.

But as I might have said before, I look forward to you getting all the other manuals released and scanned. Comes just in time for a little Mega CD project I have =P

Very interested
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Post by andlabs » Sat May 05, 2012 7:53 pm

Cool. IMHO the original scans should be provided alongside the OCR'd versions for posterity's sake.

For that scan, is it just me or is the Sega CD logo and Sonic art stretched/squished?

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