A Sega Genesis Cartridge PCB with FeRAM support

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A Sega Genesis Cartridge PCB with FeRAM support

Post by soniccd123 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:51 pm


I'm newly registered here but been lurking around the forums as visitor for a long time. I've been experimenting with cartridges for some time now and have made some for myself. I've been in contact with Racketboy and NESdev members and decided to share my results to the community, so, i made a GitHUB repo for my project and made it open hardware for anyone that want to make it or modify it.


I know that there are comercialy available options, but i also know that each person in the community has its own needs and limitations regarding availability of pieces, PCB fabrication, needs for diferent circuits and etc. With that in mind, be welcome to make your own modifications as you need to this project, thats the spirit of open hardware!

As for the project as it is right now:

-Suports Genesis and 32X software
-ROM Support for up to 4MB
-Save support for all ROM sizes (Selection for <2MB/4MB by jumper)
-32KB of FeRAM for saving
-No need for battery for saving
-Rudimentary ROM bank switch (Permits multiple games on same ROM)

This can all be modified as one needs, i know that specificaly FeRAM and SRAM use are quite controversial because of part availability and price, so feel free to modify and make it your own way.

I've already built some units and it works as expected in real hardware.

Any questions or ideas, don't be afraid to ask. Also, i'm not a professional engineer, if you note anything wrong with the project, please say. I'll be happy to make enhancements if needed.

Hope this helps someone,


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