VGM web player in JavaScript

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VGM web player in JavaScript

Post by neologix » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:09 am

I've finally successfully implemented gzcompressed VGM handling in the VGM player using zlib.js, officially bringing the player's capability to VGM v1.50 spec. SN76489, YM2413, and YM2612 cores are ported from Genesis Plus GX; YM2151 core is slightly modified from Kuma's MDX player. The player itself is my hand-rolled "NPlay" script to attach audio output to the XAudioJS library by Grant Galitz using jQuery.

I need help cleaning up the YM2612 and YM2413 implementations because they each sound a bit off in their own ways, but I have a feeling the same problem afflicts them both. Any volunteers? (You can submit patches as pull requests on the repos)

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