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Saturn = Genny ?

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 10:14 pm
by KanedaFr

This post is related to Genny, don't worry !

While I was looking for some info on Virtua Gun, I discovered Saturn and Genny shared the same bus protocol ... post591092
(Hi Chilly!)

At the same time, I read saturn dev doc where it's cleary defined the saturn was able to identify (and use) genny controller (3pad, 6pad and mouse)
I don't know if any saturn games currently support it (I doubt you can use it like a classic saturn pad without L/R) but it seems to valid the "same protocol" point.

Charles told me some years ago it was possible to plug a Virtua Gun on a Genny. It should be see like a SMS Phaser (or a justifier).

Did someone actually try it ? Virtua Gun or anything else.
is it really as simply as rewire the connector ?!

If yes, I'm looking for a female saturn connector !!! any hint where to find one or is it a Sega (TM) ?
My next tech demo will be dedicated to the Twin Stick on Genny !
(I love this controller !)

Re: Saturn = Genny ?

Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 5:45 pm
by Charles MacDonald
Yep, they are the same. Other than the connectors being physically different, the Saturn and Genesis controller ports are electrically identical. The polling is more involved for some of the Saturn peripherals, but it's no worse than accessing the Mega Mouse I suppose.

With the right adapter you could use a classic Saturn pad or any other device on the Genesis. Actually finding the right connectors might be hard, you may have to buy and disassemble a multi-tap or controller extension cable to do it.

Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 10:16 pm
by KanedaFr
It was my plan (using extension cable)

but it seems their price just went up to the sky :shock:

Re: Saturn = Genny ?

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:57 pm
by Apocalypse
Although wiring is doable pretty easily, you still need to add some logic (either hardware or software) if you want to achieve what you want to do :
Chilly Willy wrote: The Saturn has the exact same controller bus for peripherals as the Genesis, but because of threats by Atari to sue people using their "patented" 9-pin DSUB connector, Sega changed the controller port connectors. You can make a straight Saturn-to-Genesis adapter, but at that point only homebrew would be able to use the Saturn controllers. That is because Sega took to opportunity to change how their controllers worked yet again (3-button -> 6-button -> Saturn pad), making it more like the MegaMouse in the way it communicates with the console. This allowed them to make the controllers return more data in a more controlled manner, but means the pads aren't DIRECTLY readable by Genesis games.

To make an adapter that would allow Saturn pads to work with existing Genesis games means you would need something like a PIC chip that read the Saturn controller with it's two-line protocol, then turn it into the Genesis 3 or 6 button protocol. It's not hard, it's just something no one has bothered with because there was so little call for it. If you like Saturn controllers, you generally like the Genesis controllers they derived from, so you just use the ubiquitous Genesis controller as there's no adapter needed. There's nothing on a Saturn controller supported that isn't also on the standard 6-button controller.