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Chaos Tracker (formerly YMDj/Prodigy) Genesis/MD/32x/SegaCD

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:17 am
by Count SymphoniC
After lots of great progress on the old tracker I lost all of my source code. Although it was pretty functional there were quite a few problems. Anyways I learned many great things the first time around and now I would like to start fresh with a solid foundation, with more efficient coding principles. This time, this project is going open source. :)

Here's some of the plans:

Mostly z80 sound driver for Gen/MD, loosely based off of Stef's .xgm driver*
Midi support, including syncing with other midi compatible consoles (even non sega)
and midi controller support.
Mixed ASM and C unless everyone wanted to do pure ASM.
YM2612/PSG/PCM/PWM support.
If possible (doubtful) build into one single ROM that works on separate platforms
if not, build a ROM for each platform. Either way, 32x & CD support would come
after Genesis support is mostly implemented.

It would be the perfect spritesmind project anyone can contribute to. It'd be great to learn as you go or to show off your mad skillz.

Anyways I'm to start working on the driver tomorrow. I just wanted to announce this in case anyone is interested. Oh, and for the record, yes it is an ambitious project. Well, if you're interested, give a shout and we can coordinate from there. Last but not least, everyone is a leader in this project, just as long as the project moves forward in a coherent direction :P

Re: Chaos Tracker (formerly YMDj/Prodigy) Genesis/MD/32x/SegaCD

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:34 pm
by mikejmoffitt
I'm fully interested in this. If you are going to be doing any of this in C, I'd be interested in contributing if you are looking for collaborators.

Re: Chaos Tracker (formerly YMDj/Prodigy) Genesis/MD/32x/SegaCD

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:57 pm
by Matej
I can do icons, GUI graphics...