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Site Censorship

Post by MintyTheCat » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:54 pm

I have had a number of my posts deleted by kaneda.

It appears to me that very little regard is given for people who put a lot of their own time and effort in getting UMDK manufactured for Megadrive Developers.

I have supported Prophet36 since 2012 and invested in UMDK and I believe firmly in it.

I saw opinions from kaneda in particular that were less than favourable to UMDK. He has since changed his opinion but it took some effort on my part to convince him.

My main interest is to see a healthy development scene on the Megadrive. I see Sprites Mind to have lost its momentum and focus and as such with kaneda deleting my posts I have removed all posts written by me pertaining to UMDK.

I will support UMDK and its users on db as found below:

You guys have no idea how much I have put into getting this far with UMDK and to have my comments censored for kaneda's reasons is not acceptable to me so I shall take my support to elsewhere.


UMDK Fanboy

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