How prone is Sonic 2 to bugs?

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How prone is Sonic 2 to bugs?

Post by MrD » Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:34 pm

I just encountered for the second time in ten years a strange effect in (ordinary, real) Sonic 2. (apologies for the choice of site but it was what I had to hand)

The game over music started playing in the middle of the Oil Ocean Zone Act 2 for no reason, the timer froze on 0:43, but everything was still going as normal. When the music finished, there were only sound effects. The sparkles from the invincibility monitor are the GAME OVER letters all scrambled up. When the invincibility ended the real music game back. Everything past that point worked fine, it was just that weird blip where it thought I'd died then had a rethink.

Any idea what that could be about? Is it something that anyone has seen before in Sonic 2?

I've seen similar effects in Sonic Sad Hill on my cart, where the SCORE TIME RINGS text and lives counter would scroll off to the left temporarily like the score tally was about to begin but then slide back in after a few seconds, but it's hard to say whether that is part of SSH or not. :)

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