Undefined behavior for ABCD and SBCD

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Re: Undefined behavior for ABCD and SBCD

Post by r57shell » Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:32 pm

HardWareMan wrote:I do not understand, hasn't anyone looked at the CPU die shots yet?
Basic die shots. Then, Quietust has made a great contribution by isolating the metal traces. Olivier Galibert was able to make use of this layer image, with a few corrections, to produce a full transistor-level schematic of the 68000. In result, here the interactive map. You can look at ALU under the magnifying glass. I don't see any problem in getting true behavior without guessing.
After hours of pain, was able to compile https://github.com/galibert/dietools.git using Visual Studio 2010
Not all...
logx was failed to compile because of C++11 syntax.
mscheme probably bugged compilation because I had to implement what is not defined in LuaJIT.
sview a bit modified to make pins text work + vcc/gnd voltage change. In repo vcc & gnd voltage forced to 0, otherwise you'll get tons of errors "Unhandled equation system." :lol:

So. For anyone who wanna play with it:
1) Download scheme: https://og.kervella.org/m68k/schem.txt
2) Download deietools (my build): http://www.mediafire.com/file/2p5giq3fs ... ietools.7z
3) Unpack in some dir
4) Open cmd.exe there, run: sview "path_to_schem.txt". Or simply drag schem.txt and drop over sview.exe
5) ?!?!?
6) Have Fun!

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Re: Undefined behavior for ABCD and SBCD

Post by notaz » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:48 pm

Small update to flamewing's test to trigger a bug in Genesis-Plus-GX at least:
https://github.com/flamewing/68k-bcd-ve ... e3afd720bf

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