Feature request - breakpoint highlighting

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Feature request - breakpoint highlighting

Post by OrangyTang » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:47 am


I'm just getting used to the debugger and find that I'm adding a *lot* of breakpoints. Which is fine, but it quickly gets confusing figuring out which is which. Could there be some way of linking the breakpoints in the breakpoints window with the Disassembly view?

Possible ideas:
1. 'Breakkpoints' window changes currently selected entry to the hit breakpoint when a breakpoint is hit.
2. 'Breakpoints' window shows an icon next to the last-hit breakpoint (or text changes colour?)
3. Double clicking on a breakpoint in the breakpoint window highlights and/or jumps to that address in the Disassembly view.
4. Breakpoint names shown somehow in the Disassembly view (maybe as extra collumn? or as tooltip?)
5. Clicking on a breakpoint-enabled line in the Disassembly view changes the current selection in the Breakpoints view.

I don't know how easy/hard any of these are, but some way of linking the two together would be super helpful.

Also - is there a way to save entered breakpoints? Should I be using Save/Load debug state for this?


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