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How do you...

Post by panzeroceania » Mon May 13, 2013 12:03 am

I thought a 'how do you do x' topic might be beneficial to users that visit here or search for Exodus.

I'll start off with the first question:

How do you enter full screen mode, and is this command remappable, if so, im guessing you have to save the system file before closing. is this true?


Very interested
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Post by Nemesis » Mon May 13, 2013 5:23 am

You enter fullscreen mode by pressing "alt+enter" with the image window selected. This is currently the only way to enter fullscreen mode. While in fullscreen mode, the menus and other debug windows are inaccessible. The fullscreen mode state is not saved, so you can't set Exodus to start in fullscreen mode each launch.

I'm planning a lot of enhancements to the way video and audio outputs are managed in Exodus. Right now, each emulation core that wants to produce an image or generate sound has to provide an image window or manage the audio output buffer itself. I'm planning to implement a system where the Exodus platform manages these details itself. Once that's implemented, it'll be possible to provide a lot more options, like centralized video and audio filtering and logging, and proper fullscreen mode support, as a core part of the platform. It'll also solve the audio synchronization problems some people are currently having between the PSG and YM2612, and open up the path for supporting systems with more complex visual setups, like multiple screens or multiple video streams being combined in the analog output signal.

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