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Memory View/Edit + Questions

Post by Abystus » Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:59 am

Are there any plans to make the Memory View/Edit screens editable on the fly through the hex display area on the left versus manually doing it from the right one address at a time? Also I noticed that the memory addresses are listed in a 4 digit format in this view (0000,0010,0020,etc), isn't it suppose to be a 6 digit address with 2 digit value (FF8799 xx)? I am new to genesis hacking for the most part as I usually work on 6502/65C02/65C816 emulators using debuggers and hex editors.

I've also encountered a few bugs with the interface (scrolling to the bottom of the hex view too fast usually results in a crash, along with subtle other things that led to a crash just from moving around the interface). These were all on the latest build of the debug version of the emulator. This could however be due to windows 7 and not the emulator. Any answers are appreciated.

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