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Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:21 pm
by sheath
Okay, I didn't realize we were using the SSE2 build, that one won't even start on my system using XP 64-bit, I might need to try it in 32-bit XP if that's what we want tested.

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:55 pm
by Shadow
And SMS have black borders?
Yeah stretching and another things cause black borders.

Okay, i try to run SMS games, i have Sonic the hedgehog games on this platform.

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:10 pm
by Shadow
Hmm... strange i don't have this problem!

If only color border at left, which show main color of background, but it no bug!
Plus, i test it on Kega Fusion 3.63, and emu show this color border too.
It must be aspect of resolution screen, for correct displayng picture without distortions.

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:25 pm
by Shadow
Surprisingly! i enable color borders for SMS\GG and get this bug too!

If use this setups, screen in GG go to diagonal down!

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:35 pm
by Shadow
Old bug still exist!

When in Cheat file click on empty space, now it crash with error message!

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:47 pm
by Shadow
Sorry auto pause work! ;-)

Better i continue testing! :-)

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:13 am
by Shadow
Continue testing, nothing found...

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:06 pm
by NitroTab
Hi there. I have been using the debug version of Regen for a while now and I think it's an excellent emulator,

With the current incarnations you have been able to overclock the 68000 CPU which eliminates slowdown in a lot of games. I was just wondering if you could add Z80 overclocking to the debug versions for Master System games? I like to tinker with overclocking and I think that would be a good addition to the emulator.

Also would it be possible to change the way you currently have to overclocked in Regen? For example it says '488 Cycles per line' which in all honestly I don't get. Could it be changed to display the actual amount in MHz?

Many thanks for such an awesome emulator.

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:36 am
by Ti_
NitroTab wrote: Could it be changed to display the actual amount in MHz?

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:56 pm
by TmEE co.(TM)
Or 488 * 313 * 50

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:55 pm
by NitroTab
Thanks for the reply but I'm still a little confused. So is that like 7.6 Mhz or 10 or 12?

I'm not that technically minded so please forgive any questions I ask that may sound silly.

What I'd really like to know is:

What is 10 MHz in Cycles per line

and 12.5 MHz in Cycles per line is please.


Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:02 am
by TmEE co.(TM)
Hz / 262 / 60
Hz / 313 / 50

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:04 pm
by SovKaa
AamirM make the ability to stretch the emulator window.

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:09 pm
by TJG68
Sorry if someone has asked this already, but I don't have much time atm. I was playing shining force earlier today, and it worked perfectly, but I just now tried to play it again, and I keep getting an error box that says "Error creating DSound object". Now, the rom is still in a zip file, as the computer profile I am on right now can't run the program I use to extract the files, but it already worked just fine earlier, so I don't understand why it isn't working. I can't find anything about this.

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:28 pm
by King Of Chaos
Now that looks like a DirectSound driver initialization error. Can you try making sure Regen is closed then deleting the regen.ini file and see if that helps?