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Welcome to the Regen board (+ posting rules)

Post by AamirM » Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:20 am


Kaneda was very kind enough to offer a separate board for Regen due to huge number of pages growing in that topic which made searching for something in there very hectic. I have now locked that topic and have stickied it just for archiving purposes. I may delete it in future if I see it serves no purpose.

Important information

Official Regen webiste is located here and the last official release is available from there. Though it may not contain the latest things and developments but it will be stable. If you want the latest things, download the betas from the topics in here.


I seriously hate creating rules but anyways, one should keep the following in mind when posting here to avoid any mess since this is a nice place.

:arrow: Now there will be separate topics for each release and betas (unless the beta has very less to offer from a previous one). So if you are having a problem with a specific release please post in that topic. Or if you are testing a release/beta and have anything related to that then post in the relevant topic. Otherwise if you are having problems running Regen, have a feature request, suggestion, criticism, development/information related thing and/or any general discussion about Regen then please create a separate topic about that.

:arrow: Baseless negative criticism of any Genesis/MegaDrive emulator will not be tolerated. I will plainly delete such posts if I find them here. All MD emus are awesome as far as I can tell.

:arrow: It would be better if you would search the forums and/or the old Regen topic (stickied) for any problem/bug you have as it might have been answered there already.

:arrow: Please do read the Regen readme before posting a questions/bug. Readme are included in the official releases only.

Thats pretty much it. If something seems inappropriate or you think these can be improved, by all means tell me.

stay safe,


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