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Bug list

Post by tryphon » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:30 pm

I use a lot Regen for hacking (I honestly find it much more efficient than any other emulator, with the exception of Exodus, but this one has other issues) and if it is one day updated, here's a list of problems I encountered with it :

- sometimes, I can't load or save states (I wrote a thread on this topic)

- when setting a breakpoint, the disassembly window doesn't show the breaking intruction but the instruction that starts at the next word. And that causes alignment problems when the breaking instruction is more than one word

- likely related : when setting a breakpoint, the program often breaks twice on the same instruction

- I work with a normal size window, I noticed the display is slightly distorted. After a screenshot, it's caused by the resolution not to be 320x224/240 (but rather 330xsomething)

- by the way, snapshot doesn't work

- when setting a breakpoint on RAM access by writing, the program breaks either on writes or reads

- I never succeeded in setting breakpoints on VRAM access

- if I put my computer in stand-by, when starting again, Regen crashes.

I really hope this project isn't abandoned. It's really useful. If the code was available, I'd be more than willing have an eye into, to see if I can fix some issues by myself.

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